Thursday, January 17, 2008

Minutes from the 4 o'clock officers meeting:

As follows:
Jan. 16, 2008, East Coop.
Present: Rosy, Daisy, Angus, Baby Kitty, Big Daddy. Absent: Mama Juju, Ceasar, #2 Guinea, Grand Master Peacock, goat representation.

Mama Juju is not present with the minutes from our last meeting. The officers vote unanimously to remove her from her post as secretary pending a search for residual voodoo paraphernalia in the side shed.

Daisy has been fired without warning from her regular evening milking sessions with The Humans, and thus the extra feed given during these sessions has also been eliminated. Rosy makes a motion to reinstate regularly scheduled, midnight "Lock Picking and Door Opening" classes as soon as the goats arrive. Motion is carried. Practice may resume immediately after hours on the chicken house.

Baby Kitty would like to request that disciplinary action be taken immediately against Mama Juju and her sisters for blatant treaty violations. The officers will vote on this after BK has given acceptable restitution to Big Daddy and his women for obvious, unnaproved stalking during the meeting.

Angus makes a motion for final destruction of the southeast fence and a fourth escape attempt. This motion is voted down again by Daisy.

With no other immediate business, everyone agrees to meet in the upper garden next month at an as yet unspecified time to avoid the Human with the camera. The meeting is officially closed with The Secret Stare.

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