Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally. New compost bins.

The pictures speak for themselves. I don't make Bird do all the work. It just looks that way.


Melissa said...

Is J pondering the meaning of life in pic #4? Or just dreaming of my yurt on the hillside? LOL

Barbee' said...

Leanne, I have read all the way from the newest post all the way down to here. You have an interesting blog on a diversity of subjects. I have enjoyed my visit, snake, compost bins, chicks, and all :)
I love the Smokies, too.

Found you on Blotanical and thought I would come over and read awhile.

Unknown said...

Thanks Barbee! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and very flattered that you stopped by to read my blog. Sometimes I wonder if it's a bit *too* diverse, but then again, that's life on the farm!