Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feedin' Time!

My youngest daughter, Ava, positively loves animals, and chickens in particular. She goes to the barn with me every single day to feed and water them and gather eggs, and has a pet chicken she named, "Lolly", that allows my girl to pick her up and carry her around like a baby. It's very cute!

So here we are, at the gate, and everyone is here to greet us with their usual enthusiasm!

And, they're off!

Feeding frenzy!

Ava and Lolly, BFF.

There's nothing better than life on a farm! :)

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Farmchick said...

Hi-just blog hopping and found my way to you..not even sure how now! I enjoyed reading your blog...cute picture! Stop over and visit me when you get a chance!

Unknown said...

Thanks farmchick! I'm glad you found me, however it may have been ;) I hope you visit again soon!

I visited you blog and it's fantastic! Your recipes look yummy, and your layout is gorgeous.

Thanks so much for stopping by!