Monday, December 15, 2008

Not dead, just pregnant (conference details in the next post!).

Several folks have contacted me wondering if I've dropped off the planet, or just dropped dead in general. Just before I left for the 2008 Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, I found out that (surprise!!) I am pregnant with my third child. We *are* very happy about the news .. it just took a little time to sink in. I'm 38 years old and mom to a very active, soon to be 15-year-old daughter and a lively little 3-year-old daughter. Luckily, I am able to work from home. This is truly a blessing I am gratefuly for every single day of my life.

So I'm blowing up like a gestating bovine, but fortunately have suffered very little sickness or other pregnancy maladies at all outside of my usual preggo-crazies. Daily nourishing herbal infusions of stinging nettle or red raspberry leaves help tremendously. I'm almost 5 months along and am scheduled for an ultrasound Wednesday, when hopefully the baby will cooperate and show us whether number three is sporting a hamburger or a hot dog.


CatHerder said...

Congratulations!!!!! I check in from time to time...was wondering where you were...thats so great!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you! It looks like we're going to have another girl! :D And thanks for not giving up on me. Things have been NUTS around here!