Monday, March 23, 2009

Back In The Land Of The Living

I want to apologize for my absence for the past while. A suprise pregnancy (at my age!), health issues, a new business venture, and family/home/garden obligations have kept me away from the blogging world. I've tried to take a break from other computer-related activities as well, and it has paid off with chores being completed (mostly by my poor, overworked husband), much needed rest and recuperation for me, and invaluable time with my family!

So, having said all that, I think I'm back, but we'll see as I know the next six weeks will continue to try my mental, physical, and emotional strength as we await the arrival of this third (and final!) child. I'm sad about missing out on many of my most favorite early spring activities, but the little punkin' I'm carrying is certainly worth the wait ;-)


CatHerder said...

omg congratulations!!! glad you are back

Anonymous said...

Sara says:

Hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray
Hurray, Leanne is back today~

Not the pickle or the pear,
Not the Beaver or the bear,

Not last week or yesterday,
Hurray Leanne is back today!

Have missed your bright self
and lovely comments on here.
So glad you're back
BUT! if you need to be quiet
and home focused, do so!

We are just glad to know you're
still flourishing.

Mazel tov!
May the new Life be healthy and whole!

Bright Blessing for the Equinox.
Rivkah Dara

Unknown said...

Thanks CatHerder! I've missed blogging, but it's amazing how much a person actually gets done when taking a computer break ... especially an addict like me!

And Sara, you are the sweetest. Thanks so much for the lovely ditty, it really made me smile! :)